Agents and commision

Interesting article

Even more interesting than the article itself were the letters in response.

Seems to me that if a house is listed on the MLS by a 2 1/2% realtor, the 6% realtor is not obligated to show it or even inform their client about that house.

However, the realtor should be acting in the best interests of his/her client…(oh, wouldn’t that be a new and novel thing…) and should consider that house even if the commission is lower.

Like that’s ever going to happen.

Do you do $50 inspections ?:smiley:


What the heck is a $50 inspection???

Thats the fee to BOOK the inspection, then the travel fee, the inspection fee, the report fee, lost time dealing with agents fee, un-cooperative vendor fee, the replacement of tool fee, the explanation to client fee, explanation to realtors fee, explanation to vendor fee, stress fee, wife is driving me nuts fee… for a total of… I now own this darn house. So where did you say you live? opps forgot Ask a question fee.

Mr. Haney…

on “Green Acres”…:smiley:

Some circles would call it a drive by!

You drive by in a…circle???

Some days I feel like Oliver Wendall Douglas aka: Eddie Albert…bet you didn.t think I was that old…eh Jae

Circle as in circle of freinds.

Sometimes I end up driving in circles when trying to fine a property by following the realtors directions. :wink: :wink:

Ohhh…you drive by your friends…

How do you reply to my post before I post it. ESP?

It’s a gift…