Referral fee

Its been a while since I had a Realtor ask me to “pay” them for the referral but I got one today. This guy said he gets $50 per inspection from other inspectors. I laughed it off and made a joke about it, but he was serious. He tried to hit me up again as I escorted him of the area I was trying to inspect and out the front door. I dont think I will be seeing any more of his clients! :nachi:


Check with your state licensing board. This is illegal in MO for an agent to pay for or receive compensation for referrals from anyone other than their broker. I believe this may also be in violation of the NAR coe but I’m not for sure about this.

**If you don’t turn this guy into the local board of realtors, along with a formal grievance, you don’t have a hair on you’re ***.

**Just be thankful that you won’t do any more business with this leech. **

**In the recent past I did business with a realtor one time and I felt like I had to go wash my hands after we talked on the phone. I just told him he would have to find another inspector to do his client’s inspections. He recently lost his license, is involved in several law suits, and is back to selling used cars. **

Let him know that he needs to send you an invoice to get what’s coming to him…

Heheheheheheheh :twisted: For tax purposes of course

But, of course…:smiley:

Oh that is too funny! :mrgreen:

I did an inspection for a realtor (actually a husband and wife team) several month ago and they asked me if I paid referral fees. I explained that it was prohibited by my organization’s (InterNACHI of course) code of ethics. I figured that they would never call me again. A few weeks ago I got a call from the wife to inspect a home that she and another investor were purchasing. I had to ask her name twice just to make sure that she was the one I was talking to.

You never know. Maybe it was a test.

NACHI COE forbids it of its members.

That’s great stuff. :mrgreen::twisted:


I suppose it is no different than ColdWell Banker wanting to charge Inspectors for inclusion in there little lapdog lists.

agreed and its also Century21 if im not mistaking.

Just your typical real estate agent. They have one goal and whatever gets them there is good.

I’d love one of them to do that to me because I’d post the incident on my web site and use it for marketing.