Agreement in spanish

Do we have an internachi agreement in spanish???


Thank you

Will you write your report in Spanish also?

If you use Home Guage they have a template for spanish for $199.00 . It converts the report to spanish and english some comments have to be converted manually

I was advised not to provide reports or contracts in a language that I am not familiar with. My attorneys told me that the client should take on the responsibility for interpretation of both.

I suggest you run it by an attorney before using it.

As with home guage the report is in both languages , side by side? would that be different?

I agree with Mr. Pope and his attorneys. My attorney advised me that if I wanted to have a contract or report in another language that it be best if I used a professional translator to do the change since Spanish is not my primary language. Using a professional translator helps keep you out of the middle if a problem with the translation comes up

I was given the same advice by my attorney several years ago as Jeff was in his post above.