Agreement System Down

What’s going on with the agreement system? I need to create one for my afternoon inspection but have been unable to gain access.

I would never rely on something totally electronic hosted by another company. I use Homegage’s agreement system too, but have a paper copy available. You need a hard copy on your website that your client can download. You need a fax number that they can fax it to. Anticipate glitches.

This is the first time I’ve had a problem accessing the InterNACHI agreement system. It works great for me. Unfortunately this inspection is one of those “I need an inspection today” type situations so I don’t have time to wait.

I send a PDF copy of my agreement to the client for him to print and sign.

I also bring a copy with me for signing at the inspection if needed.

Yep…I always keep blank copies in my truck in case I get a call while I’m out from a “got to have it now” client.

I use it all the time to Vince. Impresses the clients, realtors and who ever else. My company is totally paperless except for business cards. I only print when requested. However when I run into problems which is rare I always have a hard copy stored in my car.

I just sent my client a .pdf of the agreement and I printed it out for him to sign when we meet.

Thanks for the advice.

That’s exactly what I do.

Email a copy of agreement and my State SOP the day the inspection is booked.

If they can not be at the inspection, I have them sign the agreement and email it back. No FAX needed.

Chris how do you have them sign and email back? This can only be done if the client has a scanner or is there something special you use?

Chris your referring to the NACHI online agreement system right?

No, I’m referring to what Michael said, My Agreement. I need a paper copy on record for 5 yrs.

So how do you have them sign it and email it back to you? What if they don’t have a scanner?

In modern times, if you have a computer you have a printer, scanner.

When the problem arises, very rare, I still email a copy ahead of time so they can read through it. Then bring 2 signed, by me, copies to the inspection.

Even if they do not have a scanner, they most likely have a digital camera.

And that works just swell.:cool:

I used to email the PIA or have them go to my website so they can download and bring to inspection signed. The problem was they would forget the signed document about 75% of the time. Now I have them read the document on line and then sign at the inspection. Works better for me and the client.

Rarely will I even leave my house without a signed inspection agreement (online agreement or one they downloaded and faxed or emailed to me). I have to know the real estate agent very well for me to make an exception, and that would only be because the client is a dear old lady that doesn’t have a computer. Or perhaps I’m already in the area and someone calls with an “emergency” need for a home inspection that day.

I’ve driven as much as 1.5 hour one way and had the “client” not show up. When I called, he said, “I meant to call you and cancel that inspection. Sorry.”

Same here. It shows they had time to read it and get questions answered if they so desired, at a minimum.

Maybe I haven’t thought this through enough but…

You save the copy of the agreement as a PDF so you can e-mail it to the client. Do you have to go into that file and add in the address and fee amount each time before you send it?

Question for Joe and Larry,
How does a signed agreement ensure a client will show up for an inspection? Maybe I’ve been lucky, but any cancellations for me, and not that many cancel, come prior to the date of inspection, not the day of. I don’t see how a signed agreement can make the person show.

The day they call and book is the day I ask for their email address. I verbally tell my clients to visit my site and read the agreement. I then send out an email requesting they read it. This time and dates a record for me. I store that email in their file case closed. Once “DONE” with the inspection I then send out a link to have the agreement signed online and usually a payment link. Most of my customers pay via credit card and so far all has owned a computer. If I come across one that doesn’t I always carry copies in my car. Once I get a signed agreement and my bank account reflects payment I then release the report never till then. If a client comes to me during this time (after the inspection) with a complaint about my agreement and we can’t settle it I’ll simply tell them no charge thank them for their time and move on. I have a policy that if your not happy with the inspection while I’m at the property inspecting then you don’t pay. So far my this has worked well, gives the client well enough time to read my agreement, documents proof that I gave them ample time to read and everyone is happy including realtors I’ve worked with so far.