COMING SOON: New Agreement System!

Nick is pretty excited about the new Agreement system we’re building, so he asked me to let you guys know what’s going on.

We’ve revamped the whole system to make it MUCH easier to use, for both you and your clients. Less steps, more editing power… You’ll be able to create a custom agreement in half the time it took before. We’ve also taken out the client confirmation steps, which will eliminate confusion from missing emails, and make signing more streamlined. We’ve added a whole bunch of new templates that handle all kinds of agreements, and you’ll be able to create your own templates, too!

Right now we’re just working out any bugs and importing the old agreements. Look for it within the next week!

Ya hoo. Please get rid of that last pesky check box that none of my clients can ever seem to find.

When the client goes to sign will it appear as if they hand written the signature in or you guys still using the IP stamp method?

Without every client having a pen tablet to sign their actual signature, it will still work with the IP address. This is legally binding - there’s no problem with signing it this way.

Is this going to mess up contracts we already have in there. I edited the NACHI one to my own wording.

Thanks Tim! I knew you guys would finally get around to revamping the system.
I hope the Fetch Report system is next.
Like I have always said, Nick needs to give you guys a raise and hire some more help. The inspection industry is getting shoved harder each day towards high tech. We either fall behind, stay even with it, or be a leader. The ball is in Nick’s court.

All you electronic buffs. Don’t you know how to print off a couple of pages and have the client sign them in person? Ever heard of a fax machine or email? I try to not have third parties interfere with my business in anyway.


SURE do…however over 50% of the time they are not there at the inspection so now what…lol…glad to see the update I tried to make the old one work but gave up:neutral: would like to jsut beable to cut and paste my ia into the system and that would be sweet…

HomeGauge has a very good Inspection Upload System also, the client simply E-Signs the document before the day of the Inspection, if he/she doesn’t no Inspection.

Like Brian, more than 50% of clients are not at the inspections anymore, not like the older days when it seemed like the houses were occupied and the buyer was there…oh the good ole days–:smiley:

I think I’ve inspected about 4 occupied homes in the last 12 months…300+ inspections.

Hey, we’re trying to save the planet with less paper. Let someone else destroy the planet. Oh, I guess they already are. :roll:

Best thing since sliced bread :slight_smile:


I am sorry, Kevin, you told me Robert was a good guy to do business with too. I found out later, you got his stuff free because you promoted his products. I paid my money and got nothing in return because he discontinued the program. You no longer have any credibility with me. Sad but true.

How does E-Signs work without a signable screen?

Hi James,

They click Yes they agree or No they do not agree to the terms of the agreement.

And they cannot view the Report until the inspection agreement is signed, and they can’t view the report until its paid for, works well.

Agree, HG Force Agreement and Force Payment are great tools when/if needed.

Bobby - No, this won’t mess up any of your old contracts. We’ll be importing them into the new system.

I appreciate all your efforts Tim. I’m simply a big fan of an actual signature which Echosign provides. The electronic signature just doesn’t seem legit even though I agree it is. I hope you change your mind about incorporating the Esign with a signature. No one needs any software. You simply sign online and a signature appears like you wrote it out.


I didn’t get his stuff for “free.” I paid Robert a lot of money over the years. Hey did give me things that I did not ask for. Robert was and still is a bad seed. I have no control over his products or how he conducts business. To question my credibility over that is just plain silly. This post topic has noting to do with Robert. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with him, but I too lost money! Move on…


Billy, echosign doesn’t give an actual signature, it gives an electronic version that looks like a normal signature. But it doesn’t match the clients real signature. So what’s the difference?

James, I can vouch for ISN. Great product and it’ll integrate into your copy of Home Inspector Pro too (and our websites).

No real difference. I agree with you. I just think the normal signature look is more professional.