AHIT and InterNACHI team up.

AHIT and InterNACHI.

As some of you know, AHIT (American Home Inspection Training), the largest provider of classroom courses in our industry, has for years encouraged its graduates to join one of our smaller, competing associations.

As of today, I’m thrilled to announce that this has all changed. AHIT will now be encouraging its graduates to join InterNACHI. AHIT specifically pointed to the business success support InterNACHI provides its members as the reason for this change that we very much welcome.

Thank you AHIT.

Why don’t they just merge with InterNACHI and get it over with?

That other mini association or AHIT?

Both. Our industry is consolidating.

Nick, this is great! I love the reasoning behind the mini-merge also. I know that I’ve mentioned you all to Jim Schumacher and other staff several times. I see the two organizations as working hand in hand when it comes to top-notch education that is focused on professionalism and customer service.

Britt Treece

Somebody said the other group may be starting a school like ASHI which might leave AHIT looking for some other place to call home ???

That other association (based out of Brandenton, Florida) hasn’t done anything positive for our industry in 20 years. AHIT recognized that and jumped ship (to InterNACHI) as does every inspector eventually.