InterNACHI vs Home Inspection Online Schools

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I have been looking into home inspection online programs like ICA and AHIT, but I did not realize InterNACHI offers online courses that includes certification.

So now I’m asking myself why would I pay $700 for an online course from ICA or AHIT when I could become a member of InterNACHI and take their courses for free? Becoming a member of InterNACHI is part of the process for the other online schools anyway.

Wondering if I’m missing something?
I do know that ICA includes Report Form Pro Nitro ($400) as part of their $700 price.

So is it that the other online schools perhaps offer more? I know that ICA also offers lifetime phone support to students, so they can call if they run into something during an inspection if needed.

Is the InterNACHI home inspection online course, with writing assignments, final exam, etc. just as reputable / an efficient path to take to becoming a home inspector as a school like ICA or AHIT?



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I’ve never heard of ICA, and IMHO, AHIT is akin to a “Puppy Mill” churning out inferior breeds of inspectors!!

You want proof? Go over to Facebook and read the plethora of stupid arse questions being asked by students of AHIT and other budget internet schools. Most of those people usually find their way to an InterNachi inspector or MB for the CORRECT answers to their queries. So, why not start where you will likely wind up anyway, and save some coin for your website and marketing to boot!!


Great questions. Here’s a short video, “5 Tips for Choosing the Best Home Inspection Training Program.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 9.54.19 AM


Thank you, Jeffrey.
Appreciate the insight.

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Thank you, Ben
Much appreciated

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I also having some difficultly understanding the inspecting 100 homes requirement for PA licensing.
Any advice on this would be appreciated.
Do folks complete the course, then start their business as a certified home inspector, and then after they have completed 100 home inspections get officially licensed?
Struggling with the seeming catch-22 of the 100 home inspection requirement.

You got it. Have you looked into

In relation to PA, I think we’re both on another thread: Certification vs Licensed, and inspecting 100 homes

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From someone who took the AHIT classes first, it was helpful to a certain extent but I wouldn’t pay $800 for it and then go through the InterNACHI certification. NACHI is a helluva lot better all around. Save the $800 and apply it towards your tools of the trade.


I also took the AHIT class and agree with @tglaze that it is helpful to an extent. It does cover the material you need to know if you need to take the NHIE but I have found that the InterNACHI courses are much more detailed and will benefit you more in the long run.


I had reviewed the course curriculum of both ICA and AHIT. You are $$ ahead if you join InterNachi and take advantage of the courses InterNachi offers.
Good Luck to you

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Thank you, Thomas

Thank you, Joe

Thank you, Joseph
Appreciate that

Same here - confusion with multiple schools available. Worst part is my state of Utah, apparently I don’t need any training except for Radon and possible WDO.
Once in a while I’ll check online to make sure I’m studying with the right school, so far it feels right. I really like the FB posts from current inspections with photo questions. Working electrical course now, good to see so many posts about this subject.