AHIT offers exclusive pricing for InterNACHI members.


students can get it a lot cheaper by joining InterNachi. so long, ASHI.

Great, more newbie home inspectors to compete with.


I remember when I first started (10 years ago) I contacted AHIT founder Roy Newcomer and he took the time to talk to me at an inspection when I had no clue. (at least I knew to call someone) I wonder how Roy is doing?

AHIT was good on training, nice partnership with Inachi.

There report software was not the greatest but it served its purpose.

I have called my AHIT teacher during an inspection on a few occasions and he always helps me and never makes me feel like an idiot for asking a question

AHIT is a good school. Many of our members seek classroom courses for two main reasons: 1. Their state or province requires classroom courses. For example, NY requires all CE to be completed in a classroom setting.
2. They simply like to be in a classroom setting where they can hang out with other inspectors.
Our partnership with AHIT now permits our members to get exclusive discounted tuition… unavailable to dumb non-members.

LOL funny you should say that Nick. I was just talking to my AHIT teacher and he said he likes you but he finds you a bit abrasive hahaha.

LOL. I don’t mean to be… but how dumb do you have to be to be a non-member? If you can’t recognize the value proposition in www.nachi.org/benefits.htm how are you going to recognize 2’ of water in a basement… even if you are standing in it?

Anyway… http://ahit.com/nachi/


That’s what the Nachi partnership will correct. :stuck_out_tongue:

Idiot! :eek:

Just kidding!!!:mrgreen:

All of this and AHIT too.:smiley:

I couldn’t figure out why INACHI members would need to get a discount on courses we already have for free. But I guess I was only thinking of their online CE courses and not the classroom courses required by certain states.
I did AHIT online and then the required by my state classroom course. It was pretty good.
Before I became a member of INACHI, I was doing their online CE (and spending beaucoup monies), until I joined here.
They have one online course I wish INACHI offered and that is the New Construction course, in which they go over the IRC. It was a good course, but expensive. Even with 10% discount, it would still be expensive. (and it’s half price of when I took it)

Will, we have this that might be of interest to you: http://www.nachi.org/residential-code-inspection-exam-prep.htm

NONE of their instructors are InterNACHI members…or at least willing to admit it! The all boast being members of the “other two” organizations. :roll:

Good one Thanks

James you are right about that

I heard of ASHI, but who is the third org?