AHIT Opinion On Inspecting Air Cooled AC's

This is copied from their current e-mail newsletter:

“Determine if you will turn the unit on. It is always a good idea to know what the temperature was the night before the inspection. Also note what the current temperature is at the inspection. The current temperature ideally will have been 60-65 degrees or warmer for the last 12-24 hours. When examining the outdoor unit, note if the disconnect is turned off, indicating the system is shut down. The unit power should be on for roughly 24 hours before the inspection to prevent damage to the compressor.

Many times at bank REO props the breakers are off. Or the power was just turned on by elec co the day b4.

PLS: Do NOT turn this into a debate on whether to turn breakers on or off!:mrgreen:

Who cares what AHIT thinks.

That was what I was taught and that is what we did.

Thanks for the info

AHIT has good information.

Not if you listen to Bob E.:roll:

Bob’s OK he is like the rest of us always learning more things .

The above is just a blank statement that means absolutely nothing if there is no crank case heater installed. Hog wash

That was my thought as well Charlie. It’s mostly a generalized statement. True statement but only applicable under the conditions you’ve mentioned.