Air Chek ups the FREE radon testing ante!

Free Air Chek Radon Pro-Pack for all NACHI members.

There are no hidden charges or strings attached. (A true $30.00 value.)

This FREE starter pack contains everything needed to conduct a professional radon test. Includes two (2) professional samplers and a **FREE **(pre-paid) Fedex return label so you get your results faster.
(Sorry, pre-paid Fedex not available in Canada.)

Orders placed before 3:00 PM (Eastern time, weekdays) shipped the same day. BTW, Standard S&H is always free at Air Chek.

Air Chek is the only lab where all professional samplers are analyzed **within two hours of sample delivery **to our lab, even on saturday and most holidays. You will receive your report via email and/or fax and will have access to your sample data at our web site: Plus, we always send a copy by “snail mail” too.

Air Chek is one of the oldest and largest radon labs in the world. For over 20 years we have participated in and passed all National and State certification programs.

You want to try out the Nation’s fastest premium-level lab service? Click on this link and place your **FREE **order. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

BV Alvarez, Founder and CEO, Air Chek, Inc.

PS, this offer may not available forever, so even if you are not going to add this to your list of extra services, use it to test your home or office. See how quick and easy radon testing can be using our system.

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I want to thank you for giving us the chance to show you our top-of-the line customer service.

Any others interested in offering radon testing to your clients? Or check us out by testing your own place. Get your Free Air Chek Radon Pro-Pack for all NACHI members. Orders by 3:00 PM shipped the same day.