Industry leader B.V. Alvarez, Founder and C.E.O. of Air Chek, joined NACHI today.

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Alvarez to NACHI.

I’ve used your products & services for years, sir-
Thanks for coming on board!!

Welcome to NACHI Mr. Alvarez!!!

I just recently used one of your Radon detectors and am looking forward to using them more in the future, thank you for the sample.

Hello all,

Thanks for the warm welcome! :grin:

I’ll be posting some sweet offers for all of NACHI’s members in other areas soon.

Thanks again,

BV Alvarez, Air Chek, Inc.

PS, if you have any radon releated questions you can send them directly to me at:
Just be sure to leave the Subject line blank. My email address has been spead all over the Internet the past 10 years, causing our mail servers to get more than 10,000 junk emails each month. Spammers… :twisted:

Mr. Alvarez will be joining me in SC


I want to thank you for giving us the chance to show you our top-of-the line customer service.

Any others interested in offering radon testing to your clients? Or check us out by testing your own place. Get your Free Air Chek Radon Pro-Pack for all NACHI members. Orders by 3:00 PM shipped the same day.

BV Alvarez