Air Pockets in Flat Roof

Hey Guys-

This is the first time I’ve seen this extreme of air pockets on a flat roof. Some of them were almost 8" high. What causes this?

The realtor told me the roof was just replaced about 6 years ago and everything should be just fine with it :o !


Improper installation

From Google

There are four main reasons why Blisters/Bubbles occur on your Flat Roof.

  1. The Roofer did not completely cover every square inch of the roof deck with adhesive as he re-roofed. Any void will leave a space for the rising hot air to enter.

  2. If the Roofer spreads the adhesive over a wet or a damp roof surface. Adhesives will not completely adhere to wet or damp surfaces!!!

  3. If the Roofer does not sweep the old roof completely. There is no tar on earth that will stick to dirt or dust!!!

  4. And the most common reason today is Torch-Down roofing. Since Torch-Down roofing membranes adhere to a roof more like a bandaid, they merely stick to the formost top surface of any Flat Roof. Torch-Down rarely sticks to the bottom end of the indentations on your roof surface. Cocequently there are large areas of space for the hot air to rise into.

Thanks Russell.

I thought I was the roofer here!

He’s exactly right, also water trapped under/between layers. It may not leak now but it will.

that last pic is a repair that has leaked.