Flat roof question

Ran into a flat roof that appeared to be a built up roof that was 3 ply. My question is there was no 90 weight on it or gravel. What was used was a silver reflective coating. Is there a problem with a roof like this? See pictures




I see them all the time. They might not last as long in NM as Baltimore without the covering. Just look for signs of ponding when you see this type of roof. Of course, all the flashing is covered…



Looks good to me. It’s simply a fibered reflective coating. Inspect for split seams, transition areas, flashing at roof penetrations and ponding (as Anatol stated).


Looks good from here…from your pictures anyway.

Same way they install most flat roof systems here.

Don’t they believe in vertical surfaces and cant strips down there?:slight_smile:
I guess they don’t believe in a straight line finish for stucco to flashing termination. :wink:

No ponding on that roof, scuppers will do it. Thank god if the three ply could handle ponding even less the framing underneath. :slight_smile:

Man some of these roofs scare me. ha. ha.

Jesus, Dale, I am getting worse than you. Picky, picky, picky, :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Ron the flashing in your third picture looks irregular to me at the parapet wall.
How was it installed.

This one ponds a little water here and there…:lol:

Here is the Guts of the same type of installation with a little destructive testing…:lol:

Lovely Dale.

Dale posted a picture with lath instead of chicken wire. :shock:

The world must be coming to an end!:smiley:

They could have at least ran caseing bead on the bottom to get a good clean line. Astm would like to see weepscreed.

just a little morning dew and some really sucka$$ roofing

Yeap—that’s bad “Bear”…!!!..:shock:

This one among other things killed the multi-M deal :frowning:

We’ll be doing another prop. very soon :mrgreen:

Barry , did someone paint the bitumen?

Nope smog+dew+evap runoff=algae owl sh!t

roof was less than 1 yr

While we’re on the subject of flat roof installations, you might get a laugh out of this EPDM installation, that I inspected…

“Click to Enlarge”

Yea, the shingle installation on the gable isn’t the greatest install either.

Only two things you have to know about flat roofs,
1 They are leaking now, or
2 they will leak shortly.

Termination bar at roof to wall needs looked at, other than that, David, I think your Picky, Picky. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

David. Those shingles look like they were put on by an indian roofer!

One that is a member af the apache tribe.

A patchy here and a a patchy there!

This is just a joke I like indians!:mrgreen: