Pressure Testing Inspections

Hi, over the last few months I have had numerous inspections on foreclosed homes where the bank required the buyer to pay a large sum of money to have the house de winterized and re winterized and therefore I am considering providing the option to do a pressure test on the homes water supply lines. I know that this is not a good way to test things, but if done properly and with the proper disclaimers I believe I could make extra money providing this service. Has anyone else ever done this before? What and where did you buy the equipment? How much? and was it worth it? Thank you in advance.

Evan Hughes
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A search on “winterized” homes will get you more info but here is a start:

I’m amazed that the buyer you speak of did what the bank “required”. I wouldn’t have paid for that. If the bank wants to sell the property it is helpful to have the utilities on for inspection.

I know there are some inspectors that risk turning on what others have winterized. For me, I’ve see too much damage when they’ve been turned on and my time is spent better elsewhere.

When I’ve seen new construction pressure tested the lines were capped before finish plumbing was installed and they left them pressurized over night.

I did an inspection Friday that was a foreclosure. The buyer said the realtor would turn on the water for the inspection. When he turned the water on, there were numerous broken water lines that would require wall demolition to repair. One was under the whirlpool tub that was not accessible through the access door. If you are gonna pressure test a water system you have to find leaks and repair them first. It’s gonna entail more than just turning on the water and testing the pressure. I see plumbers losing work on new construction but gaining work on reenergizing foreclosures.

Thanks for the info, I agree that the buyers should tell the bank where to go, and in the past I have not had problems with this sort of thing. I really only wanted to offer my clients everything possible, you know the one stop shop. I personally have inspected a home that was pressure tested and stated to be in perfect working order by the company that did the pressure test, so we disclaimed that we did not look at the water, sure enough as soon as the clients moved in there were several significant leaks. Anyway I will look over the link you guys provided and decide if it is worth it. Thanks

Pressure testing is a relatively simple procedure, but it can only be done with the supply system. You cannot pressure test the drainage system, so it’s inconclusive with regards to a full plumbing-system inspection.

Sure you can pressure the sewer system IF you and enough plumbing rats and the right size;) :wink: