Air Return question

I agree, but I did not see any return air registers throughout this house.

Interesting, but how would it work on a cathedral ceiling with no attic or air space available?

Jim there are no return registers. It pulls the return air through the the front. The filters are supposed to be in the front grill. Its a DGAA model furnace for mobile and modular homes. Its sealed combustion with a concentric vent. The flex duct is for the blend air.

Im still looking it up and figuring it out but I am pretty certain that I am right.

I believe the furnace cover would also house the filter, but the furnace is a sealed system, so why would it draw air intintionally from the door?

I now have a local HVAC guy meeting me today at 3pm to look it over(for free). My luck is that he will find the return grill(s) and call me stupid or blind. At any rate thanks for all the help and I will let you all know the outcome later today.

Water heater?

Also you did not post a pic that showed a sealed combustion system.

YES…my HVAC guru met me at the property and called his distributor, and confirmed it just as you said.
Thanks Juan, and the rest of you for the help, really appreciated. I’ll certainly be ready for the next one like this.

You are very welcome. Glad to help

No sediment trap or regulator for the gas?

Inspected a modular home today with a coleman furnace simular to above post except this one was electrical strips no heat pump.

The 5 inch flex duct terminated near the return filter no damper. It protruded thur the roof with a small rain cap drawing outside air when ever the unit was operating.

The return air filter was in the top of the furnace with a grill on the furnace closet door as shown. This is a terrible set up In OKla who wants 100+ degree air into the return or zero degrees in the winter what a total waste of energy.

What ever Engineer dreamed this up should have his head removed from the dark hole he has had it inserted into.:shock:

I researched the system for several hours.( which is how I was able to answer the OP) Coleman was the only company to make them and it is discontinued now. From what I understand anyways.

They may have discontinued the kit but there is still a grunch of them out in the field that need to be modified. I have a neice with one of them clunkers and I modified it as soon as I saw it