Anybody Have a Clue Here?

Inspected a mobile home today, built in 1999 on permanent foundation place had alot of problems but the HVAC oh the HVAC has me thoroughly confused. It was a split system condenser fan/coil outside electric furnace inside in a vented metal furnace closet. Open the closet I find a VERY filthy space with a small furnace on floor and an A - coil evaporator just sitting on top of it, fins were FILTHY! Opened the furnace door up and there was a blower and a disposable filter on door but NO return ducts anywhere. Filter was on the inside of a metal door! No return registers in house either! I kicked the thermostat down and the supply registers were blowing good cold air. The blower kicked on and ran I could see condensate on evaporator coil tubes. Another thing is there were what appeared to be returns in ceiling but they just vented through roof to atmosphere. Don’t know what those were either

In this instance …Pictures would be of great value;-)
{What city and state are you in?}

The “door”, or grill, on front of the furnace is the return. Hence the filter. Return air is drawn directly into the furnace.

Exactly, sounds like a typical modular set up

That is a typical Mobil home set up people don’t change and or clean the filters the way they should and it makes a horrible mess to try and clean. Seen a million of them just like you described!!!

Ok thanks for the replies that clears alot up. I never seen one before hence the confusion. It was still a mess and just filthy I recommended evaluation due to the overall dirtiness and age of it. Recommended client get service records as well

The pipe coming from the ceiling is called a positive air system. Problem is they let hot air come in the home in summer and cold air in winter. Most people stick a sock in the end of them. And your right, they never clean the a-coils. I sold manufactured and modular homes for 20yrs.

Any chance of getting a picture anyway for educational purposes?

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Google trailer and you will get a million of them since they are all mostly the same.