Air Return Vent

I did an inspection today on a house that has been remodeled. The air return vent with filter was located in the ceiling above the thermostat by the front door. Now the vent has been moved to the utility room at the base of the wall and the other vent has been sealed off. I have never seen this. Input please on how and why to write this up.

Need more info on home layout and location of the said vents. Slab? Basement? What part of the house is the utility room? Is the return centrally located? Is the thermostat still by the front door? Where is the door located in the first floor plan?

Are there gas appliances in the utility room, dryer, WH ect the 10 foot rule would apply if so. Not uncommon for returns to be moved. Returns are normally near the thermostat the Stat should never have been near the front door

I am a newbie here. Was wondering if this is a problem. Air register is located on the return plenum right next to furnace itself. All located in a basement furnace/ storage room.



Yes sir that is a 80% furnace and there is no return air to be located within 10 feet of the furnace

Now I am wondering “why”?

Have you ever found a dead person??? Carbon monoxide kills humans and most other air breathing animals. The furnace blower can draw carbon monoxide from the furnace and distribute it through out the home. The burners are open on 80% furnaces

Uh…no, I have not yet found a dead person, and hope that I never do. And I am very much aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. But thank you for the reply to my actual question though.

You are most welcome just trying to make your attenna’s pop up;-)

You sicko!:shock:

Looks like there might be a humidifier according to the adjuster dial. You might want to report that too if you find one that is not yet removed.