How would you write this up.

This is the return located in the laundry room where the unit is. The crawl space is about 6 feet on the other side of the block wall. living area on the other side of the unit in the basement area. There is no return for the entire upstairs living area .

The upstairs living area is around 2000 sq ft. Thermostat is upstairs.

Picture 154.jpg

Is the upstairs separated from the lower level by a door or is it an open stairway?

How was the operation and temperature diff, Brian? If it was able to be tested.

Louvered door. Also Louvered door to the mech room. Operation was alright.

Return vents should not be installed in the same room as the furnace. CO issues could develop. If that furnace starts to give off CO, it will be sucked into that vent and sent directly into the living area.

Red flag the return air…

With the only return air at the floor on the lower level, the cooling mode may be unsatisfactory due to all the cool air staying low and never reaching eye level on the upper floor. This problem can be alleviated with circulating fans on the floor upstairs to blow the air upward (I see one stashed behind the filter plenum).
Also, I notice there is no dirt leg on the gas line to the furnace.

Jim King

David has the most important comment!

Dido: Very poor design must be low Bidder


Looks more like a Home made job to me. I don’t even see a drip-leg on the gasline into the furnace. Do you think that furnace has ever been relocated? Ben, where does that gold door go to? Did you mention that this Furnace is located inside a Room/Closet with louvered doors? Did you see any added or even existing C/A venting to the outside for adequate Comb.Air? Looks like the Furnace doesn’t meet min’s. for clearance to access inside of Furnace for service/repairs, based on the plastic bucket in front. Brown colored tape around the R/A looks like packing type tape. Huh?
I can’t see much else with this picture.
Good Luck.

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