air test/epicoccum

Did Air samples in house last week. Not going to get into why, Basement kitchen and wall cavity. I used upstairs living room as clean room, because of lots of snow cover. Results cam back as living had 3% epicoccum, it was only in living room. There where no real plants in the room. Turns out client had just removed 2 huge pointsettas 2 weeks prior(which were in full bloom) Question is how long will it stay with in a room.

Probably for several months. It depends on how well the house breaths.
I would not worry about it because there is no studies linking this mold to any health effects.

If you did air samples inside the living space and you use a room that you think is clean then your results will be hosed. If you have the HVAC on (heat or cool) the same air is recirculating inside the living space. Yor results are no good.


Thanks James