AL Wiring

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Good one. Is this the same home with the bomb… I mean water heater?:stuck_out_tongue:

Same place :wink:

Did you have opportunity to find out if the receptacle was rated CO/ALR?

This is a classic case of terminal concerns with AL Wiring. The wiring within the wall itself is probably fine when installed properly. However, the terminations in itself is where lies the hazard and potential for the most concern.

When I see a home with AL Wiring it increases my desire to thermal all receptacles and terminations within the enclosure. While I dont really grown too much regarding the AL Wiring if sized properly in single strand days of old. The terminations offer me the greater level of concern.

So what do you recommend when AL wiring is present?

Attached pic is from a kitchen counter top receptacle recently replaced by what owner said a licensed electrician.


I can’t see the CO/ALR marking on the strap and I don’t remember any Decora style that were reated for use with AL.

I thought that was a burn mark on Marcel’s picture but with enlargement it looks like a finger shadow.

The sad part is that it probably will be a burn soon with Jim’s info.

I recommend a qualified electrician examine the complete system, and make needed corrections for safety, with AL wiring.


That is also what I recommend when I see AL wiring.

But what is the electrician going to do? Pigtail every AL single strand receptacles and switches with a copper wire and proper marette / connector…

Attached is a pic that I took while Realtor was saying that all outlets in the home were pigtailed with the approved connectors…

Yes, Marcel, I don’t know all of what is available for the connections but pigtailing may be necessary.

Do you notice that most classic pictures of issues when involving AL Wiring has pictures of devices and not the wiring itself. My recommendation for anyone with a home with AL Wiring is to not FEAR them into submission. I would recommend a licenesed electrical contractor come and check all terminations they can, if possibly check as many devices as possible and simply give a good expert evaluation of the electrical components that are associated with the termination of the AL Wiring.
If they are very concerned about their AL Wiring then suggest they think about installing AFCI’s or GFCI’s and so on to raise their level of protection but I would not say “you need to rewire the entire house, that AL Wiring is a ticking timebomb”…it is the connections that are main source of suspect in AL Wired homes.

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