Al Wiring

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6429 East Beck 3-6-11 024.JPG

6429 East Beck 3-6-11 023.JPG

that sure doesn’t look like #6 AL connected to the 40Amp, got a lil hot too, eh?

Are you sure that it’s actually burnt (hard to tell from the photo)? In photo 1 it just looks like a sloppy anti-ox job.

Not too hot as far as I could tell, just some excess paste. :smiley: ( Good eye Robert) :smiley:

I do not often see the Larger Single Strand Stuff, and thought this was interesting.

Here was a “Hot” (loose) Ground Wire from yesterday.

Hot loose grnd wire 3-5-11 010.JPG

Yep, good eye Robert… what had actually caught my eye @ second glance was the area from shadow to light.

So was that a neutral conductor in the photo with all of the white insulation burnt off? The bare EGC should not have any current flowing on it under normal conditions.

Yes it is Robert. Mis spoke :frowning:

No problem just trying to get on the same page. :cool:

Did you determine that this was caused by a loose connection or was the neutral somehow over loaded?

It was loose at the Panel. :smiley:

Open Neutral in the Kitchen as well, but only one outlet.