Algae or green slime at sink areators

I am on city water and am constantly getting green"i think" algae or slime in my bathrooms on the sink aerators. both fixtures under 3 years old and I never noticed it in other homes I owned. Smells like swamp water.

Any ideas what could be causing this or is it normal. I ruined the finish on one by soaking it in bleach and cannot find a replacement. I am cleaning one now with peroxide. I am thinking it is the quality of the water coming from the city.

Any thought or ideas what it might be caused from or where it is coming from. Makes me not even want to brush my teeth with it.

I have not noticed it in the shower heads or kitchen sink? Maybe due to hot water?

Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated.

Damn I should have put this in general section…oh well :slight_smile: to late now.

Do you live at or near the end of the city water supply? You are on the island right?

Not sure there is a hydrant across the street from me and a turncircle so I am not at the end of the street. yes it is a series of little islands. I’ll pm you the address so you can see on google maps

There should be a hydrant or stand pipe at the end of that circle. Call the city and ask them to flush the system. I have had that done in the Keys before to get rid of stale water. the FD will also come out and do it so they can play in the water.

They do it kind of often around here but I guess not enough. Thanks.

Any other thoughts or ideas would also be appreciated.

For cleaning, use vinegar, not bleach. It will also remove hard water buildup.

I sure learned about the bleach took the fake chrome right off the plastic part in spots. Heck I did not even know it was plastic. It was not cheap either. I do not remember the exact brand so I cannot get a replacement part and plumbing supply store by me nor home depot have anything that fits. Oh well it has a few ugly spots.

Try calling your municipal water authority and see what they think or have them come out. In some areas they will do some testing or inspection for free.

That is my current plan of attack to bad I cleaned the one in my room today.
I’ll check the other one and if slime present I will call and or collect a sample.

Go to the health dept (environmental services ) and ask for a water sample kit.
It isn’t a complete test , but it would be my first step .


Thanks Roy. Will do when i can walk and drive again :slight_smile: