can anyone identify this

Refering to the orange thingy.

4442 Seagrape Dr Ft Lauderdale(San Miguel) 010.jpg

4442 Seagrape Dr Ft Lauderdale(San Miguel) 009.jpg

“Orange thingie” would be the technical name for it, but it looks like it just might be a condensate pan strip. It is water activated to release a chemical to kill mold, algae, fungus and other such organisms that can grow and clog up the drain line. Picture isn’t that clear so can’t be 100% certain. Than again, it could be just a chunk of loose ductboard fiber that got left behind when it was installed. BTW, it is only good for about 6 months if it is a pan strip.

It is actually a jelly like substance. The lab has it. I should have an anwser early next week.

Crud in the HVAC “evaporative coil” drain pan, located on top of the furnace or AHU.
Recommend HVAC Contractor to further inspect, and clean or replace the drain pan, as needed.
I will be interested to hear what you found out about the jelly substance.

Good luck

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Well, all we know is that it is not an organic stubstance and will not be analyzed. What it is may remain a mystery.

Have used alga blocks for years in the drain pans but they were always green rectangular in shape approximately 2 inches X 1 inch. Other than that I don’t have a clue as long as it does not have hair it will be OK:) </IMG>

Some of the new ones are “International Orange” like what is pictured but my photo is slightly blurred and I can not see it clearly. Typically it is encased in a nylon cloth type covering. I rarely see them in homes but more often Ive seen them in commercial. There used to be small blue tablets for the same thing. Once a month drop one in the pan and let it do it’s job of killing off the algae / slime that collects and ends up clogging up the drain line. What is really required is a taste test. :slight_smile: