Grey Toilet Water?

A friend and Realtor of mine just called to ask a question and I honestly have no answer for him. He woke up this morning and found grey (dirty) water coming out of all of his taps and from the toilet. His home is only about 10 years old. First time this has ever happened.

Any idea? I know backflow into the water is possible, but not sure where to start.

Any help is appreciate!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Perhaps a broken water line on the street
Happens here a bit

Are they on a well or city ?

Are they flushing the fire hydrants? Usually they do that in the summer…

Call the water department.

City water. Still too cold to flush hydrants here. I’m thinking some work was done and knocked some sediment off the mains. I told him to run the lowest tap in his house for 20-30 mins and call me back. Still doing a bit of research.

Tell him to check his meter also see if there is leak from the street I would say water dept was working on the line somewhere , Or Ontario has routed water from across the border lol. just kidding

Remove the faucet aerators first.

Thanks gents :smiley:

Yep. And don’t forget the screens on the washing machine hoses.

Ran into something like that when I first moved into a town with an older water tower. When the temperature rose in the spring, the ice would fall off the sides of the inside of the water tower pulling all of the rust and scale off. Took a day or two to clear up.