All InterNACHI members now have Accident/Death Insurance, paid for by InterNACHI.

Nice Nick!

How will we receive this information about the insurance for each member, will it be mailed to us?



Nick: Is this for CANADIAN Inspectors to or only U.S. Inspectors ?
Do we each get a card , how do I as a NACHI member get this?

Schuyler says it is for ALL members. Contact him at or (315) 234-7500 for more information and then post it here for all of us please.


Thanks Nick!!!

Near the bottom of the benfits page it now says
“InterNACHI members are cuter than ASHI members.” :slight_smile:

Dan Harris suggested that addition. I agreed.

After seeing Dan’s picture, he is right.:mrgreen:

You posted this at 2:45 PM!!!

I am sure that some of our NACHI “Nay Sayers” will say …YEAH! But what has Nick done for NACHI since then?:roll:

{PS: Keep up the TERRIFIC work!} :stuck_out_tongue:

Frank writes:

Now that’s funny! True, but one of the best and funniest posts on this message board. Good humor always contains a bit of truth :smiley:

Yeah, but happened to the flashlight deal?;-):wink:

I spoke with the vendor a few weeks ago as she was getting ready to place the order. I will call her direct tomorrow and advise of the update as soon as I find out :wink:

I like Michael but I think his new avatar is not the best It looks to me sort of Like a consitipated sheep dog .
I guess he will soon change it .

Just playing around Roy. The text is kinda small but it says:

“stop global whining”

What is
("Just palying around Roy. The test is kinda smal but it says ")


Forgot to spell check and my fingers fumbled.:shock:

We will have information out to all InterNACHI members (US & Canada) next week, I believe we have it set up where you can print off the cards online. For what it is worth to the membership, it took Nick all of about 5 seconds to secure this coverage for everyone once he heard about it. It’s a great benefit for everyone.

Glad to see I am not alone ,Only I think I do it a lot more then Most.
The faster I go the be hinder I get.


Thanks sounds Great

LOL … Did anybody think to ask who the beneficiary is when you are killed off, or maned in an attempt to collect the death bennies… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Socialism at its finest, and all fall for it hook line and sinker.:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: