All InterNACHI members now have Accident/Death Insurance, paid for by InterNACHI.

No but Frank can write the epitaphs with his crayola collection! :mrgreen:

Thats what I like about Dan the ink is not dry and all information is not finalized and he already knows how great it is .
Great attitude you are the greatest Dan Love you .

That dharris is one special fella.
He can find something wrong with a sunny day.

You like that huh, just thinking out of the box :wink: :wink:
Do you reallly believe you getting something free from anybody with out any strings attached.
I got the same free insurance from my credit union, and AARP.
Since then I get several letters a year telling me how I REALLLLY need more than what they gave me for FREEE:roll: , just fill out this form authorizing them to withdraw 7.99 a month from my bank account, then I’ll reallllly get the coverage I need:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Gotta admit, the insurance guy is sharp, play the same game as ole nickifer, mislead nickies sheep with something of little value, get all the members contact info, spam them till they buy more, and more and more. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Wait a min. nick and his newly found insurance friend are cheating.:twisted: :twisted: I think this is the same game as hillory and obumma are playing.:roll: :roll: :roll:

Do non rev inspectors get the same package, or just those who actually paid for membership?

Dan, you can ask Schuyler, there is no charge to members. InterNACHI pays 100% of it for our members. In fact, the Group Policy was not available unless we agreed to pay for it all in one check. … they just keep coming for free!

I guess you are correct I wonder when I will get the Bill for the Free License Frames
I have on my two cars and How about the great 12 Inch gold Inachi transfers I have on my van and the CMI crests I have on my 6 shirts and the 4 Inch INACHI crests I have on my sports coats. and the Flash light and the 6 T shirts and the ,
Well you can see I must have a huge bill coming as I have only mentioned a few of the free things I have received in the last five years .
Another free thing we all get is the advice from Dan he gives us so much I guess fair value I should pay for it Dan .
Please send me you address and I will put the Cheque in the mail.
… Thanks for all you do Much appreciated …Cookie

I can’t think of anything we charge a monthly fee for. I don’t believe we’ve ever charged a monthly fee for anything. Wrong again Dan!

Agreed. :slight_smile:


Ahh nicki, I don’t recall stating you were going to bill a monthy fee.
Its the scam artists that lure you into something for free and then tell you you need to spend more …

Cookie… I’m glad you think all the free nacho / nick advertizing stuff helps you.
Sure nick will keep sending you free nacho advertizing stuff if it helps him get more $ss.
Don’t do as his esop dictator/ lynch men say, sonner or latter your just another member/ or vender that nickifer will toss in the trash can, and laugh all the way to the bank on you efforts.

Well, seeing that this worldwide association has booted out fewer members in it’s entire history than I have toes on my feet, I don’t see where you are coming from Dan.

I do agree with you that all the free InterNACHI stuff helps. is almost all free and very helpful. You’re right on that one.

Strange how I am so bad off and you know all about it .
These have cost me nothing zero .
Having been a member of ASHI, OAHI,PACHI and NACHI I do just happen to have a bit of knowledge how the inspection industry.
Having a son who has been in this industry since the early nineties and I having been involved since the last century I think NACHI looks pretty good to me.
Perfect no but still better then the rest put together in my opinion.
Of course it is obvious you know much more then I so I try and listen to what you say to increase my knowledge.
Must say I can not think of a single thing you have taught me .
.I guess I am just not trying hard enough.
Thanks for trying any way.
Dan for your information it is just 9 months till Christmas .
What have you done latly to help a home inspector?



This year, a lot… I just do it with out bragging and telling every body I great I am. or how I should be a CMI:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

A few examples…
Spent 2 full days at the BTR, another one coming up next week…
Spent 20 plus hrs reviewing new inspectors reports to help them complete the Lic process.

Spent over 40 hrs reviewing complaints against HI’s and searched endlessly to make sure I give the inspector the benefit of dought before summiting my opinion.

I’ve replied to over 50 emails from others that asked me a question, some of it was IR , some mobile home, New home warranty inspections, and marketing questions.

Several hrs on preparing CE for local inspectors…

Took a newer inspector on a couple ride alongs… For FREE

It’s almost a full time job, keeping ole nickey straight, and from lying:twisted: :twisted:


Lying? What part of FREE don’t you understand?


Keep sipping the ASHI Kool Aid.
They have lead you to believe that your dedication will derive some personal benefit to you / your business.

It is very becoming for you…
Keep up the good work. Someone might appreciate your efforts…

Dan writes

Did you really help him by telling him about or instead did you try to get him to join the “join online in 30 seconds, no entrance requirements, just give us your credit card number” diploma mill: ?

Kinda a moot point in AZ.:roll: :roll:

I do know for a fact that he stated several times, in the past year that I’ve known him, that he’s planning on joining ASHI. He also stated after reading some of the embarrassing to our profession crap here, that he had no desire to join nacho…:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Honestly I do not, and have never tryed to get anybody to join.
If asked I do suggest they should 1st attend one of our free seminars, and also offer them the member discount to one of our local full day seminars.

From that I simply let them make the decision to join or not.
After they find out what AZ ASHI has to offer, how open and willing to help other inspectors local AZ ASHI inspectors are, opposed to believing BS posted here…Most of them do make the decision to join ASHI.

Only the dumb ones. One good thing about the inspection industry is that there are only a couple thousand dumb ones left, and that number is thankfully dropping. ASHI has lost more than 60% of their membership in the last 18 months thanks to you and Scott Patterson. And don’t look for a Bear Stearns bail out for inspectors dumb enough to pay for nothing. Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

Yep, Juan Valdez look alike. He’s the Columbian Coffee man :stuck_out_tongue: Watch for him in the next commercial :roll: