All members now get free credit card processing (merchant) accounts

Hey everyone,

I just inked an amazing deal with one of the country’s largest merchant account providers to give all our members free merchant accounts. Basically, this means:

  • Members pay no monthly fees (normally $15-20 per month)
  • Members get a free credit card terminal or smartphone swiper (often $400+ or a monthly “lease” fee)
  • Members get amazing rates (because there are 10,000 of us, I was able to negotiate better rates than any individual member could get)
  • There are no volume limits (some other popular services won’t let you charge more than $400 at a time, or limit you to $10,000 per month)

We just got the contract finalized, so there’s no landing page or anything yet, but if anyone wants to get more information they can call Signature Card Services directly:

Phone: 323.966.0050
Dial x239 for Keito Bird
Or dial x256 for Faith Taylor

I’ve spoken to both Keito and Faith, and they know everything about the program and can get members set up right now.


Nice deal Chris…:cool:


Awesome Chris!

I used them in the past and was horrible duped. Took 3 times as long to get my money into my account, the rates were much higher after being promised they would be lower than my rates now.

Maybe these people have it going on, but when I used them they sucked…maybe NACHI has better service…Who knows.

InterNACHI has a long history of successfully using its weight to get vendors to provide drastically improved service… for InterNACHI members.

I did not have a good experience as well. Chris what is the swipe rate and the type in rate for this service? Do we as individual business owners have to sign a contract?

Your experience should be much better now. If not, you call me, I call their president.

let me guess not available in Canada. I just got my account with SQUARE.

The advantage we have here is that if folks have issues with them, I can immediately cut off their access to our entire membership. If you have an issue, get in touch, and I’ll make sure it’s fixed.

The same power in numbers that got this great deal, also assures you great service.

I just had a great conversation with Keito - rates are about half of square and Paypal (debit cards are .97%). The reader and initiation fee is waived for InterNACHI members.



Available in Canada?

Right now it’s only available in the US. We’re in talks to expand to CA.

.97%, wow, thats actually enough to consider calling them. On a $400 inspection, Square is at $10.80 vs $3.88. That’s $7 in the bank. I average at least a dozen credit cards a month, that would be $1000 extra dollars over the course of a year. Adds up fast.