Online tool helps you decide which credit card processor to use

We just released a new online tool that estimates your monthly credit card fees based on your average inspection fee and the number of credit card transactions you expect to do each month. As you update the numbers, it calculates what you’d pay using Square and what you’d pay if you sign up for InterNACHI’s exclusive discount at Signature Card Services. For some people, Signature isn’t going to be the best option, and we wanted to make sure that our members make an informed decision.

Credit Card Fee Comparison Tool

Let me know if you have any questions.


Would like to hear from other members about this service. I’ve been using Google Checkout, which has checked out permanently…no longer doing credit cards after 11/1/13. I need another provider. I discourage credit card use and only take them about 2 times a month.

I just ran some scenarios through the tool and all I can say is WOW!

If you take credit cards two times a month, Signature is probably going to be the best deal around. The rates are way better than any other free service out there (particularly if you’re comparing to Google Checkout, which had even higher rates than Square).

InterNACHI uses Signature for our membership dues, and we haven’t had any issues with them. I’d encourage you to at least call 'em up to discuss.


Any members using them?

After looking at … I’m thinking nearly every member should. Money is money.

I know members are using them, because that’s where the percentages we used came from (the averages from actual member usage).

I’m using them. If you only do a small amount of credit cards, DON’T use them. They have a monthly minimum of $15 in earned fees you must accrue, otherwise they charge you $15 less any of the fees you have ran. So for instance Joe, if you had 2 transactions a month with Square for $350 each, you’d only be out 19.26. Signature doesn't just charge the .09% + couple odd cents transaction fee, there's also a daily batch open and close fee of .20, a monthly IRS reporting fee, and a few other small monthly fees to pay that make it not make sense for anyone using it a few times a month. It’s good for me however as I do around 50% of my business in credit/debit each month and we get alot of out of state buyers here, where if I were to use Paypal Here to manually punch in a card, their rate is 3.2% + .20 cents fee, whereas using Signature’s manually punch in, its the same .09% rate across the board.

I also still use Square anytime anyone pulls out an AMEX, as the fees for this through Signature are outrageous.

Chris, that calculator doesn’t take into account the daily $0.20 batch open close charge in addition to the other static monthly fees they charge. For minor usage, it’s not the windfall it makes it out to be, just being honest. I’m still saving money by using them, but not as much as I had originally hoped, but still, less overhead is less overhead, so I’m not complaining.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll talk to Signature about those fees.


It looks to me as Signature has a lot of fees that may not be accounted for with a lot of different pricing tiers. Square has one fee, and as a client of theirs I know exactly what it is.

Signature needs to simplify.

The reason 95% of the clients that use credit/debit card to make a payment is they are not attending the inspection. Square won’t help me with that anyway. I have to have an option for my clients to go to a secure webpage and pay online - or take their payment over the phone.

I do between 20 - 22 transactions a month for the past 5 years and I think the breakdown on the percentage rates are a little off. I do way more non-qualified cards. I have never even come close to 35% qualified vias/mc rates. I hear the same thing all the time from banks and other processors, “We can beat the rates from your current provider”, but when the rubber meets the road, you save .25% on the qualified rate then they jack up the non-qualified card rates. And with Visa/Master Card having over 60+ different rate categories. That is too much to follow. Then add on batch fees and gateway fees. And the lovely annual fee that everyone forgets to tell you about visa/master card charges you. Then you better make sure your PCI compliant. That more fees. It’s enough to drive you crazy. Spend more time of processing statements then my bank statements. Love to have a simple system that wasn’t so complicated.

I would love to use something other than Square, mainly because of their anti-2A stance. But I have yet to find another processor that I don’t have to take a special class in Chinese arithmetic to figure out their statements and charges each month.

I would also like to know if at the end of each year, am I going to be charged with a $100-$200 Charge to take some idiotic, online course to make sure I am PCI compliant—that they didn’t tell me about or buried that in some fine print somewhere.

I would say about 3/4 of my transactions are credit cards and since most of my clients are not at the inspection, most are not going to be swiped, maybe 25% of them.

One question I do have is if there is a minimum time obligation or any annual contract you have to agree with when using Signature?

Very helpful. I went with Square. If anyone needs to pay online I use paypal.


Same here, and have done so for about 3 years.

I use ISN for scheduling and other business features and want to get in to credit cards for the marketing aspect. I also discourage them and will continue to prefer cash or checks on site, so i would expect a very low number likely less than 5 per month.

But for the ones that cannot come to the inspection, i want to be able to have the credit card option, but do not want to use paypal.

Is there anyone out there using the ISN online credit card feature?

I use Paypal.

Why is Nachi pushing signiture card services?
I have been using them for well over a year, and your link comparing rates is bogus.
Each credit card charges you an additional fee that is passed over, not shown in the general fees listed.
On a busy month you will expect to pay 150.00 plus for fees.
Square isnt any better cost wise but they at least tell you up front.
IMO there really isnt a great card processor out there.

Seems like by the time you pay for gas, credit card fees, giving out inspection books, phone answering services, vendor services, and software upload services, your not making what you though you would be.
The least you guys could do is to be honest with your members…

One month in the summer, the interchange fee alone for Visa was 52.00
WHat are the interchange fees through nachi???
I don’t see interchange fees listed. Does your offering still charge the end user for interchange fees?