Allen Insurance and Brinks team up to help NACHI members.

So, no details until at or after the convention . . .?


I believe it will work the same way the current Brinks partnerships work, but instead of the $15 or the AHW 90 day warranty, you can get credit towards E&O. There may be a number of inspections per month minimum.

Kinda thought so. Makes sense, Michael!

I think it is sad that NACHI does place these type of partnerships on here…no different that paying a Realtor commison on each lead.

all about the green, rules do not apply…it’s just business.

I have a Brinks partnership and my clients and Realtors love it. There are perks for the clients as well (90 day AHW warranty, $50 Target gift card, free installtion if they want a system, free inspection of current system if they already have one - especially since I don’t inspect security systems.)

Nothing about it has been sad in my experience and I like the people from Brinks. The client can alwyas opt not to have their info forwarded and then, no harm.

I also always mention that in lieu of any personal compensation, Brinks allows me to enact a free 90 day Limited Home Warranty for them which covers them 90 days from the date or inspection or through the first 6 weeks after settlement which ever is longer.

Pretty good deal for all I would say. And I thank NACHI and Manny for bringing it to my attention.

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