Alum. neutral connection to neutral bus

What do you think the chances are this could ever be an issue,

I realize this complete panel is hacked installed but this is just a side question for my personal notes

It is an issue.

I don’t see where the neutral should have been installed, is this distribution sub panel just not meant to feed another sub panel. I am not trying to pick this panel apart because I know it is wrong enough to be corrected by a licensed electrician but I like to learn what I don’t understand if anyone would educate me.

I don’t believe that panel was designed for a 4-wire feed, but don’t take that as gospel.

I will never make a guess on what the electrician may or may not do but in my mind I feel that panel may have to be replaced if they are going to continue to feed another panel off of that one

The other sub panel was out in a detached barn that had a padlock on it and was not accessible

Worst case scenario is an open neutral! That will cause some excitement! Probably get the fire department out as well.

How about the hot conductor running across the rat’s nest of neutrals and EGCs? Overall the work violates the 110.12 requirement for neat and workmanlike installations and by any standard, not least the apparent inability to provide adequate mechanical strength by haphazardly fitting the large neutral’s strands under lug screws. Your photo speaks for itself. I wouldn’t worry about an electrician claiming that that mess is actually “neat and workmanlike.”

Neat and workmanlike is totally subjective and unenforceable.

I agree. By my standards just about every photo of a panel that I’ve seen on this forum is a photo of something that is not neat and workmanlike. This is neat and workmanlike so anything less is a violation.

Rob 200.7.

What does 200.7 mean, are you referring to my photo?

It means that I didn’t trace the source of the conductor. Assumed it was a GEC.

I should have known that you wouldn’t post a defective panel.


Correct if you look closely it’s actually a neutral from the black NM cable. There’s is an issue with the neutral to the left, the terminal is missing and was added later.

I didn’t want to derail this thread I merely posted this to illustrate that neat and workmanlike it’s nearly impossible to define.

200.7[C] is more like it:

PS: was done later, right :smiley:

Or enforce!

Makes it easier to find the defects…lol

You are correct. A twist of colored tape or a ring from a sharpie would do it. :sunglasses:

Just for the record this panel was done by one of my coworkers not me.

I won’t tell if you don’t! :laughing::rofl: