Did a house the other day, built in 1967. Has a Square D panel with aluminum wiring. Wiring has been remediated with Alumiconn connectors at the boxes - outlets and switches, with nothing in the panel.
The breakers are not labelled for AL wiring, but are SD Type QD breakers. I didn’t know if these could be rated for aluminum and not need to have Alumiconn connectors installed? Any ideas? Insurance underwriter is denying coverage because he says aluminum wiring is not fully remediated…


Did you confirm this on the label, or how did you reach that conclusion?
If you’re correct, then they have to finish the upgrade.
If you’re incorrect, then the underwriter will demand proof from someone.

Anyway, turn it over to the client so a sparky can intercede.


Aren’t those Square D QO circuit breakers?

Yes, label shows type QD breaker, but NOT labelled COPALUM or for aluminum.

I see QO in the second photo no QD.

My research shows the QO is now obsolete and has been replaced by the QD. Both breakers are labeled as CU/AL.

Where can one find that information? Aren’t those made by Siemens?

Where did you find this? I couldn’t find it anywhere…

Those are actually Siemens CB’s not Square D.

Circuit Breakers - Residential - QD Classified - Power Distribution - Siemens

Circuit Breakers - Residential - QD Classified - Power Distribution - Siemens

What I see is an old style SqD QO breaker. Did it have grooves on the handle? I also don’t see any AL/CU labeling on it. It really doesn’t matter now (if you flagged this on a 4pt)…the damage is done, and the insurance company will mandate Alumiconn repairs in the panel.