Aluminum and Copper conductors

I come across this service panel and I am not sure about the conductors and the screw being between the breakers. I know there are several things wrong in this panel but not sure about the Aluminum and Copper conductors. Any help would be appreciated.

That is a backfed breaker that requires it to be secured. Hence, the screw, Garland.

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Thanks, Good to know about the screw. Can you tell me a little bit about the the main conductors coming in. First time I have seen it this way.

What do you want to know about them? Looks like individual conductors in conduit.

I was unable to follow the one aluminum one back so I have no idea what it went to. I was able to trace the copper back to the meter box.

How old is the house, the braided jacket wire is very old.

around 1900

I don’t see any aluminum conductors.

BackFED breaker

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Maybe I saying it wrong. It’s the black and read colored ones that are breaded just below the top breaker on the left side.

Those are not aluminum they’re stranded, tin coated copper conductors.

Are you okay with their insulation in 2020?

OK, Thanks for the clarification on this, great appreciated.

I see no problem with those conductors in the photo so no I have no issue with them.

Thanks Jeffrey, I did catch the neutral/ground but I did not know about the Tinned copper. I have been going through more of the training videos hoping to see more about the older wiring so I am more up to speed on these. If you happen to know of any training videos Interhachi has I would appreciate a link.

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To be clear… Tinned copper is A-Ok!
Many inspectors confuse it with Aluminum.
If it is in Cloth sheathed insulation, it is Tinned CU.
If it is in a Thermoplastic insulator, it is AL.

Have fun and take in the knowledge Garland.