Panel Questions

This is a Cutler Hammer panel. Two questions:

  1. Are these breakers rated for double-taps (third breaker up in pic)?

  2. Is that an aluminum conductor or tinned copper (fifth breaker up in pic)? How can you tell a difference?



This appears to the CH panel that allows two conductors per breaker-terminal.

It looks like AL.

Is that a burn mark (below lower left of main breaker)?

Thanks Jeff.

Robert, I’m not sure what that is. Here’s the only other shot that I have of it…any thoughts?

I was already going to recommend further review due to the doubling up of ungrounded and grounded conductors…but will also add it to the list along with the potential AL conductor.


Is AL wiring a concern when it’s serving a heavy appliance, like an electric range or a water heater?

SOP requires disclosure of solid AL branch circuit wiring.

So, what about 10awg and larger stranded AL?

Stranded is fine. It’s the solid that has issues.

No “w” type seizure screw for circuit wires…I would recommend further evaluation to confirm that two circuits were allowed on this type of ocpd.

I don’t believe that breaker is rated for 2 conductors, in the rated braker you can’t see the conductors, and the silver conductor is certainly aluminum (you’ll never see tinned copper in thermoplastic insulation)


Gerry is correct…Tinned copper will have a rubberized insulation and AL will have the thermoplastic.