Aluminum vent pipe

Is it o.k. to use aluminum for a natural gas vent pipe? It did change to B-vent before the ceiling penetration. I don’t recall ever seeing aluminum single wall before. Any help, input, criticism, etc. is always appreciated.

I guess you need to get the specs on that pipe and that of the equipment…

Are you getting outside of your scope with this?

If your getting paid for it, I guess that’s fine. Go get the answer for the client.
I do this all the time.

Looks like you have an 80% furnace, flue temps are down.
Alu displaces heat better than steel.
I just can’t comment from here.
Insufficient info.

The interior pipe of b-vent is aluminum. There should be no problem.

Not much of anything to say about components inside a manufactured/listed unit, as long as it is not modified.

The B vent doesn’t have the 1" clearance into the ceiling…


Good call Tim.:smiley: