Natural Gas furnace flue

Can I get some thoughts on this from a gas furnace?

That cheap ass flex needs 6+ inches (or is it 9+ inches for furnaces?) of clearance to combustibles!

Wow, definitely not ok. That metal flex tears so easily there is no way that it should ever be used for flue gases.

And like stated above single wall flue pipe needs 6” of clearance from combustibles, meaning that wiring and the ceiling is too close to the flue.

Looks like it was all type B vent at one point and the lower part when replaced when they replaced the furnace. If the flex is replaced with b vent the clearance needed is 1” I think.

I’m just recommending they have an HVAC pro install the correct pipe, with correct clearance.

Correct - the label calls for 1" clearance.

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Require the furnace model and serial number and more pics.

Observation: Flue pipe:
A: Poor flue pipe support. This may cause clearance issues.
B: Not physically/mechanically attached/secured to the furnace.
Safety hazard.
A direct vent (2 pipe) installation requires necessary combustion air be supplied from outside through the flue pipe air intake. Venting passing through floors, wall and ceiling assemblies must be installed in accordance with National Fuel Gas Code. ANSI Z223. 1/NFPA 54.

Before you do that, look up a flexible b vent… exactly like the one in your picture. What’s missing is a thimble. Don’t look clueless when HVAC shows up.

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I realize that - but the proper clearance is not observed - there is ceiling gypsum up against the pipe, as well as electric cable run up against it. The realtor had apparently neglected to make sure the gas service was turned on, so I could not test the heat, but I had thought to do that, and measure the temp at the pipe/ceiling… just for my curiosity…

You implied the vent is of wrong type. Looks like you’ve got it figured out :slight_smile: good luck!

Of course, this is the laundry connection nearby…

The laundry hook up looks legit as long as the drain has a trap and is vented.

It is not 2" Mr Legit :wink:

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I get nervous with an electric receptacle between 2 plumbing fixtures, especially at the laundry where they ALWAYS seem to drip! and built in 1965, no GFI…

My house is 34 years old and has a 1 and a half inch pipe and it drains just fine Mr smart ass.

But your house also has 34 year old washer that drains slower than you type. A modern clothes washer pumps 5x faster and requires 2in standpipe. Time to catch up with modern times grandpa! :smiley:

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Lol don’t hate :sunglasses: I still love you.

You are a ass just face it

Look who is talking! If I am one then it is only because I learned from the best, the likes of you :smiley: