Aluminum wires?

Is this aluminum wiring?

Yea… Multi-strand is no concern… It’s the solid from the 70’s that you need to write up.

That looks like tin plated copper conductors not aluminum. They used a tin coating between the copper and the rubber because copper reacted with the rubber insulation. The conductor should have a R in it’s type. Likely RHW.

Thanks mark as always

I agree with Robert, tinned copper.

Thanks again everyone for the help

Tinned copper. . .

Oh you guys are to quick

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Copper clad stranded. Even actual alum solid for other than branch circuts is ok. Used here all the time for water heaters, A/c units. Stranded alum. is used these days for main feeds also.

The copper wire clip used on the 15 amp and 2o amp seperate breakers Might be a concern though.

Mark are you saying that this is copper clad aluminum?

I would still agree with Jim and Jeffery, tinned copper.