Am I doing this right?

Hello all, new member here starting a career change. I have no actual inspection experience, but i have electrical, and construction experience. Anyway i applied for membership and found Oklahomas pre-license information, and i just jumped in and started the safe practices course. Was that the right thing to do? eventually i want to test for the cpi certification but i need Ok. license and experience first? Im really just trying to keep from having to repeat any steps, and do this all as efficiently as possible. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Ronnie Galbreath

Welcome Ronnie!

Ronnie you must successfully complete a 90-hour pre-licensing course approved by the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board, pass the National Home Inspector Exam, and carry liability insurance. and pay for a license of course.

In some states the pre-licensing requirements can only be met with your physical presence in a classroom course. This is what you need to find out. Call them!

Thank you. I did see the Oklahoma forum but it didnt seem to have much activity. Guess Ill just have to change that!!

Ive checked on the Oklahoma CIB website and Nachi is approved as pre license education. What i was worried about is it just seemed awful easy to start taking classes after i joined (which is not really something to complain about…lol) I just wanted to make sure i didnt miss anything here on the nachi website that was suposed to be done. as i look and read through the site more it seems im on the right track, id just feel better if someone whos done this before me said all is well… Thank you for the replies

Well your on the right track then. Remember you are going to need to pass the NHIE to get a license.

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This may be helpful as well

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If you are already a NACHI member, then take all of the CPI Pre-recs and take the exam. That won’t cost you anything but some time, and it’ll help with preparing for the NHIE, somewhat anyway… Study study study. Make education your first priority…
A good way to find your strengths and weaknesses is to take the CPI exam right off the bat, if you don’t pass, you’ll get a break down of where you did good and where you did not so good. Good way to figure out what classes to take first…

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excellent idea Michael! As soon as im finished with the safe practices class Im all over the CPI exam. I know theres no way i will pass but like you said,… at least Ill know what to work on first


Thank you so much to everyone who had advice or a kind word. Im feeling better now about how to handle all this, and now i cant wait to get to the point i can put more of these InterNACHI benefits to work for me and my future business!! (fingers crossed)