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Welcome ORCIA members.

I am trying to start my home inspection career in Oklahoma and would appreciate advice anywhere from where to get my instruction (online) to helpful advice in general
thanks in advance.

My advice would be to get your license first. InterNACHI makes it easy as you can do it all online here:

Also, read this book:

I am a member of NACHI and have taken ~ 21 hours thus far using their online instruction. In addition, I am taking the Home Inspection Classroom training at the Barnes Real Estate School in Norman.

I just feel one can not have too much information or be over prepared for changing into a new field.

I complete my class at the Barnes facility at the end of Dec and plan to prompt take the Certification Exam.

Woodie Wallace
Top2Bottom Home Inspections
Edmond, OK

So do we call you Charles or Woodie?

Contact this guy…

He’s out of Edmond and may teach you guys for a fee. Extremely knowledgeable and you’ll learn way more than anything online or at Barnes. Yes I’m familiar with Barnes I am from Oklahoma City.

I am a Texas licensed home inspector with 25 years in and somewhere around 5000 inspections completed. I have been licensed in Texas since 1989. I have met all of the States requirements such as insurance, education, continuing education, etc. I am in close proximity to Oklahoma and would like to license there. Any reciprocity between Texas and Oklahoma? Thanks for an answer!

John, you can get your Oklahoma home inspectors license totally online at InterNACHI. Read: The courses are also TREC approved so they will satisfy your continuing education requirements in Texas.

ORICA spring conference is coming soon Nickie sure misses a good opportunity to convert that other org that has a strong hold in this State. They are always looking for speakers :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know who I should contact? I’d love to come down. I’ll bring a truck load of stuff with me. There is no mention of it on their website.

Brad is the NE chapter Pres he can tell you who the State Pres is it may be him here is his e-mail adddress

Brad Stringer <>;

The conference is May 30th

Kind of weird they don’t have an announcement anywhere on their website… no?

Ya have mail