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Hello all, I’m Ryan and I’m a new InterNACHI member seeking licensing in Ohio. I come from a construction family (my father was a general contractor for 30+ years) and I own a home renovation business. However, I am dedicated to becoming a full-time home inspector and wanted to introduce myself to the community. I also wanted to know if anyone has an opinion about what order the pre-licensing courses should be completed. It seems InterNACHI will allow them in any order, but I wanted to hear the opinions of seasoned professionals as I know certain foundational courses can be important to get one started.

I’m looking forward to networking and learning from all of you. Thanks in advance!


Continue down the list to the bottom of the page!

Thanks @jjonas for the link! That seems to be the link for CPI rather than pre-license reqs. I will check with Ohio to see if CPI certification satisfies their requirements.

CPI is Internachi’s concern. All roads lead to CPI.
Ohio Pre-Licensing is up to Ohio, not Internachi.

Perhaps this link will suit your needs…

Yes, thanks! I’ll just start with #1 and move through it.

Thanks again!


Hi Ryan,
Here is the link to Ohio Home Inspectors topics for this MB. I suggest you read up on those threads about licensing.

Latest Local Inspection Issues/Ohio Home Inspectors topics - InterNACHI®️ Forum

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@kleonard exactly what I was needing, thank you! Seems like Ohio created quite a mess for inspectors already in the business. I’ll complete the training through InterNACHI and then proceed with a paid curriculum of experience course if I cannot find an inspector to help with the 10 parallel inspections. Thanks again for the help!