Amana Furnace Age

Amana furnace - serial #998991740222

Can’t tell if this 99 or 89 model. ](*,)


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I think it’s is 1999…not 100% though.

My notes show a Blackhorse convention, and this doesn’t follow that at all.

My notes seem to confuse things more, because, they go on to say that Amana was purchased by Goodman. If so, Goodman follows the convention that the first 2 numbers are the year, and the second two are the month. That might make it a 99. However it also would imply that it was built in the 89th month of 99 which makes no sense at all. So if it looks about 8 years old, you might guess 99. If it looks more like 18 years old, you might guess 89.

For lack of any other clues, I think I would write it up as an “estimated” age, like you might do for a roof. “The inspector was unable to determine the exact age of the unit from the information available inside the unit. Based on the condition of the unit, estimate age between 15 and 20 years old. Since the unit is an older unit the buyer may wish to budget for future repairs or replacement.” Something like that.

I admit this is wishy/washy, but unless someone has something definative, you’ve got to cover your tail, and still try to be helpful for your client.

My Prestons Guide goes by model #. I usually look for ANSI date which is usually within 3 years of manufacture date. ( Source: Chuck Bellfontaine )

On all the Amana units with 12-digit numbers in my database (that I have been able to verify), the first two digits are the year, so you have a 1999 unit. I have no other information on those Amana 12-digit serial numbers, though.

Call the Amana service center tomorrow. They should be able to tell you about it by the s/n.
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