Another furnace age!

Gotta buy the CD guide. Anyways here it is:


Model CG80RB075P12A-1A

Serial 1606L13406

Anybody have an idea? I thought it was made by Armstrong, but the numbers just don’t jive.

My info says the first 2 numbers in the serial # are the year, but I doubt it’s a '16, did you write it down wrong?

Hi Jerry,

I can’t give you the definative answer, but it is most certainly an Armstrong unit, and the model number suggests a very recent one (post 2000).

Could it be as recent as the 16th week of 2006?



Don’t think so, but I guess it is always possible. I should have checked it as I was back in the property today. I had the cover off again and did not think to verify it. It’s definitely a newer installation.