Please confirm age of units

Amana AC unit Ser# 9904163607 and furnace Ser# 9509188889. According to what I have the ac unit was manufactured in 2004 and the furnace in 2009. I need confirmation on this because the home was built in 1999. If this is true then the furnace was replaced within 10 years, AC after 5? Are my manufacturing dates correct?

AC is: April (04) of 1999
Furnace is: September (09) of 1995 (not uncommon for a '99 build)

Note: There were multiple Recalls in the 2000’s for Amana. See the posted link for more info.

Jeff, according to the link, the 3rd and 4th digits indicate the year of manufacturing, the 1st and 2nd indicate the month. Am I not reading that right? Never mind, I did not look at style #3. Thanks for your help.

Correct. When given two options, usually looking at the Month digits will help you determine which is the correct sequence… ie. there is no 95th or 99th Month in a year. :wink: