Americans With Disabilties Act Template

I talked to Nick a bit earlier and discussed the new NACHI form for the
Americans with Disabilities Act:

I already started creating a new template for the ADA form that will work with Home Inspector Pro, which would mean it will work on Mac & Windows. It should be done before the end of the week. If anyone is interested in seeing the final product let me know and I’ll send you the beta as I work on it this week.

Dominic Maricic
Home Inspector Pro

Nice one.

Here’s a few questions for those of you who would use this form. I’d appreciate any input as it will help influence the design. I’m trying to get the form to use as much of the template features included in the program as possible, though I might have to add one or two new items to the template.

Would you want to include photos after a question?
Would you want to include photos at the end of the report?
Would you want to add additional comments about each question?
For example:
7.1: The passenger elevators are located on an accessible path of travel.
And you check the box for No and add a comment:
The elevator is off of a pathway created by pavers which is not accessible by wheelchair.

Any other suggestions or items that you would want to see?

Yes, Yes, and Yes… add some room for comments.

This sounds great!

I’m progressing on this much faster than I thought I would (not sleeping helps). Does Joe or anyone else have some photographs that relate to an ADA inspection that they can email me so I can put together a sample report?


Ok, I have a rough draft done. Let me know what you guys think. Obviously there can be unlimited comments and photos inserted into each section. I threw in a few comments for good measure. My thoughts would be anything that was not answered with a Yes deserved a comment, but that’s obviously up to you guys.

I’ve included a summary page. In Home Inspector Pro the summary is automatically generated from all comments that are marked red (color can be changed). Do you think a summary is really necessary for such a straightforward report?

We always include the contract separate from the report so the inspector can get it signed before the inspection, reducing liability and arguments over pricing and what’s getting done.

Here’s the Americans with Disabilities Act Contract
and the Americans with Disabilities Act Inspection Report

Let me know what you guys think of the layout. This report was created 100% using the Home Inspector Pro template editor. There are quite a few other options that could be utilized such as moving the ratings to the left of the questions rather than under them.

What do you think of the bookmarks? It’s a new feature we are beta testing right now.

All I get when I click the links is this:


I get the same problem.

Damn, that’s what I get for trying to add a tracker to count the number of downloads. Here are the direct links. Sorry about that guys.

ADA Contract
ADA Report

I like it!

How about an online certification course about ADA?