Handicap accessibility narrative.

Hey I’m the new guy, first post. I’ve taken a few courses so far. Reflecting on my own house not being wheelchair friendly or close to any ADA standards (I know they don’t apply to personal property) does anybody ever make note of this in their inspection reports? I would think it’d be important for people to know this before hand. Fire escapement comes to mind. Yes it’s beyond the standards of practice but surely people have brought this up. Thanks.

I inspect and report on emergency egress for bedrooms. I have had a couple of homes that did not have an exterior (egress) door at least 30" wide and reported it.
If a home is ADA built, I will tell the buyer that it is a plus.

I disclaim inspections for compliance to ADA (or any other codes). Off the record, I use the IRC and NEC as my guide for residential construction standards.

PS. ADA does not apply to residential construction.


If it is relevant to the customer than you should certainly include it in the report.

Mitchel Brooks