Amperage draw question

A/C gurus:

GIVEN: An overcharged unit has a fluctuating head pressure.

Question: Does the amperage draw not fluctuate also?

Yes, The Amperage should fluctuate also!

Thanks. I knew that, just wanted to confirm. Now, let me get back over to TIJ and give it back to the guy who said I was full of it for saying that fluctuating head pressure + a loose neutral can make lights dim (notwithstanding lock rotor amps).

Loose neutral more heat motor slowing and speeding up also more load can lead to motor burning out can lead to fluctuating voltage and some electronic equipment does not like this . All sorts of problems can develope.

Jimmy I don’t know as I would use the word fluctuate but yes the amp draw will increase as the excessive head pressure increases until you get to the point of returning liquid freon back to the compressor and at that point the liquid would start flashing to vapor when it hits the hot compressor and could decreases amps somewhat. But yes high amps and overcharge go hand in hand looking for disaster.

Leave them other guys alone on the other BB they don’t know anything anyway.:stuck_out_tongue:

LOL!! Well, I actually got a nice apology from the guy. We cyber-kissed and made up. There are a whole range of factors that can have the affect of fluctuating head pressure, like contaminants in the system. Acids, for instance, as a result of heat in the windings caused by high lock rotor amps. Or, heck, maybe even something as simple as a faulty expansion valve. That’s relatively rare, and usually caused in turn by contaminants…but not always.

I just recently signed on over at Inspection News…and what I have discovered is that the general level of knowledge is a notch or two lower, though some might take exception to that. Just had to find out for myself.