An additional service you can offer your clients. PropertyFax.

I tried to go to their website that I am guessing is, I get nothing. What is up?

James its I had the same problem until I searched it in google.

Offer: includes InterNACHI promo code.

I guess I had the wrong site. It looked similar to me.

I decided to try it out on a property I inspected this week. The checkout process seems to be broken on their website and it does not look like they have a secure checkout process. I am waiting for the report to come in and haven’t seen anything yet. I will let you know what kind of service I get and if the report ever comes.

Really not just for members, posted on a public section what is the benefit for us members?

Darren writes:

20% off. Read the pdf:

Not much of a markup possible, at least in this neck of the woods. I don’t see the benefit of offering this compared to IAQ work; anybody want to point out what I may be missing?


I just received news regarding a previous inspection I performed. The purchaser was recently in the process of starting a remodel on the home and discovered that the home has had 3 claims for flooding in the home (not sure how he discovered this). Information like this up front would have helped. It is an extra I plan on offering soon.
John M. Wickline
JW Home Inspections, Inc.
Hilton Head Island, SC

has anyone had luck with this

I am offering the reports listed on propertyfax. I haven’t had anyone interested in purchasing the reports yet, but have been told it seems like a good idea.

thanks john