An Northern Insectors prospective of Southern California

When I was walking around my brothers Huntington beach neighborhood I was looking at the houses with an inspectors prospective.

Brothers house is about 15 years old, Nieces is about 50.

This is what I noticed.

The primary siding is Stucco, here I rarely come across.

Roof drainage is only installed at entrance areas to keep the rain off.

Main panels are all outside, or mostly outside.

Roofs are primarily hard surface like concrete, clay tiles.

The grading is much better in California.

Are storm sewers go to Lake Erie, theres go to the ocean.

Obviously the vegetation is way differant. Lemon, orange trees and palms, tropical.

House cost about 3 X as much and you get 3X less land.

They have slabs/crawls and we have mostly basements.

Furnaces are more of a luxury at least at my brothers. Do not need to run to much.

Earthquake provisions a must in Ca.

They have garden walls in some communities. I call them prison walls as I was trapped in a condo/townhouse community.

Was cool looking around.

California 2010 Xmas 017.jpg

California 2010 Xmas 022.jpg

California 2010 Xmas 050.jpg

California 2010 Xmas 003.jpg

You planned your vacation perfectly - it’s snowing at my house today. It’s supposed to be wet and cold for the next few days…

We were very fortunate to have the weather we did as it is the rainy season for you guys.

Stay dry out there!!

It hit 37 degrees in LA on the 30th beating the 39 in Sand Diego the day before.

I had enough of the 405 and I can only imagine how it is on a normal week during rush hour. I like the car pool lanes. The freeway over a freeway was interesting. I believe that was on the 10 going to the Staples Center.

The iron work was interesting, pretty neat that you helped in constructing the building.

70% of my hi are 15 year or newer, slab,tile or comp roof, ect…easy pickens however some of them have been the bigest POS I have ever ran into. I did two on 12/29 and between the both of them I had less than 10 things to write up…so its kind of nice, however I did a 1918 also last week and lets no go there…lol…

Dave I hope you had a great vacation and holiday bro. When my family looks at all our vacation pics after we go away and they see pics like you have they all get a good laugh how dad can’t stop looking at life through an inspectors eye…LOL:cool:

Very nice vacation!!

I wanted to go in my nieces crawlspace but I was not prepared to do so.
It was interesting seeing how the house are in a differant part of the country.

I hope you had a nice Holiday as well.

Interesting perspective David and it is not too late.