An other Homeowner special

Well, I think they hired a Local plumber with the ownership of a sawsall againe. ha. ha.

Support for the stair landing and floor beam support. Whoa.

Wonder if they read the directions for trim and siding. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile:

I blow up the third picture and made it brighter and there is at least a 3/4 in gap in the soffit .
Great place for Bats to go during the day .
I did a home last year and the bat dung was about 14 inches think in one spot.
Thank my wife for making sure I wear a resperator mask before I go into any attic .
Bat dung is deadly Please wear a good mask all the time in attics.
… Cookie

The mask also stops that itchy stuff from getting in your nose and making you sneeze. :^o good advice.

That siding is awful…Homeowner special for sure!

Well, some makeup is made from bat dung…maybe it was a home-based business opportunity…??? :mrgreen:

Makes you wonder why Home Depot and Lowe’s even bother having How-To clinics. Oh, well, as long as they sell their wares and make a profit they really don’t care, do they? “Directions? A real man don’t need no stinking directions.” :mrgreen: