Anaerobic Septic Tanks

What do you all tell your clients when you are inspecting a home with an Anaerobic Septic Tank?

I explain how they work, why they some times don’t work, why it may work fine for a family of two but may fail for a family of four. I tell them they do need routine maintenance and explain what to look for when they fail. I explain the state regulations required to install them and last but not least I make sure they understand that they do not last forever and it could fail tomorrow.

Thanks Randy. Does the State of MO require the tank to have a Service or Maintenance Agreement?

No, not on a residential tank. For the most part the Missouri Dept of Health regulates residential septic systems and the Department of Natural Resources regulates commercial systems.


I tell them I don’t inspect septic tanks and that they are going to get ripped off for about $450 bucks every two years to get them recertified. (verbally)

I tell them that by law they need to contact a septic contractor.

I turned one down the other day because of this. Made a great contact though with my honesty.

thanx Joe

Actually Brian… I was curious what people said about service agreements… so I think you touched on it!! :wink:

They find out they have to get it recertified, it costs them money and they get po’ed. Sometimes the only clue is that stupid aerator pump. They used to have the tank top exposed but no more at least not always. I been thinking about putting some kind of disclaimer in addittion to the I don’t inspect it jargon and I hate disclaimers.