Bill requiring septic inspections in Florida.

Another fundraising rip-off in Florida. I will tell all my representatives to pound sand if they vote for this and will advise them not to get sucked into this fundraiser trying to say they are protecting us YET AGAIN. Hmmm think a septic company had something to do with this comming up? I hope someone exposes it if true.

Will not help home inspectors one way or the other. Only septic companies and master plumbers are allowed to inspect them

I think even a licensed plumber cannot perform one.
A State Division of Health license is required.

I do a lot of homes with septic system. And I like the septic tank company to pump it and inspect it and certify it while I’m there.
I recommend it to all my clients on a septic system. Because what you don’t get inspected usually comes around and bite you in the butt

Is it hard to get the license?

They have had this in Iowa since 2008.

Ironically it only applies to private sales of homes. If it is an REO or government owned property it is exempt.

In my opinion it really only makes sense to get licensed if you are also operating as a septic company.

You have to do a pump down and exam of the septic


No good for anyone but the State.

Attached application for ya.
You may be able to be grandfathered but otherwise it’s 30 hours, documented experience & an exam.
Then the county you practice in gets involved.
14. Do I need to be a registered septic tank contractor to pump septic tanks?

Yes. Registered septic tank contractors (and state-licensed plumbers) may pump septic tanks with an appropriate active service permit from their local county health department.

This is good news for the area.